Artist Who Spent Nearly 40 Years Turning Her House Into a Doll House Now Finds It’s Unsellable

Mary Rose Young and her husband Phil purchased their home in Gloucestershire, UK, in 1987. Since then, Mary has spent nearly 40 years transforming it into a real life doll house. She also has a pottery studio on the property, where she makes Alice in Wonderland-inspired designs. Mary has also installed various light fixtures around the property, including a multicolored chandelier in her work area and a miniature version in the kitchen. In 2014, the couple decided to open a boutique hotel and put their home up for sale. At that time, real estate agents were confident that the house could fetch £500,000 ($633,791). However, buyers were put off by the quirky interior choices and the house quickly become unsellable. Now, Mary has decided to keep the house. “I love my house and it really works for me,” she said.