A Reminder To Deep Clean Your Toaster

When it comes to toaster cleaning, are you a flip-and-dumper who aggressively tosses the crumbs and calls it a day? Do you make the outside sparkle but leave the inside a hot mess? Are you sitting there now thinking, “Who cleans their toaster?” Actually, it’s more important than most people realize to clean the toaster. First, it gets rid of that noxious burnt smell. Without a door, toasters have no barrier to the outside world, so they collect not only crumbs, but dust, lint, and even bugs. Let’s face it…….they’re a breeding ground for bacteria. They’re also a fire hazard. According to Consumer Reports, toasters are one of the leading causes of household fires. So, cleaning your toaster not only makes it look nice, it’s safer. Here’s how to clean your toaster: 

  1. 1. Be safe and unplug your toaster before you begin. Also, give it plenty of time to cool down. 
  2. 2. If there’s a crumb tray at the bottom, remove it and use an old toothbrush, pastry brush, or bottle cleaning brush to loosen the debris. Then dump the contents. If your toaster has no crumb tray, poise the toaster over the trash can or your garbage disposal and give it a vigorous shake to dislodge crumbs. 
  3. 3. Clean the interior by soaking the crumb tray in soapy water to loosen any stubborn crumbs. 
  4. 4. Using a spatula or small pastry brush to clean the interior, making sure to go between the toaster slots. 
  5. 5. Shine up the exterior using a damp cloth or antibacterial wipe to make it sparkle. Dry off the tray with a microfiber cloth that won’t snag any lint or fabric, and re-insert the crumb tray into the toaster.