You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For — Hilarious Photos of What Buyers Actually Received

They say you get what you pay for, as buyers of the following items can attest. Shoppers from around the world have shared images of the items they received that will leave you scratching your head before breaking out into laughter. Among the items are both those where the buyer didn’t follow directions correctly, while others received products that didn't match what was advertised. Once you look at these photos, the phrase “buyer beware” will make more sense.
This shopper accidentally chose the wrong picture when ordering personalized Christmas cards. Now he has 90 of them.

This buyer should have checked the dimensions of this wooden spoon before ordering.

As this buyer shows, sometimes shopping online is a risk……you just don’t know what you’re going to get.

It appears this buyer put the request for his logo in the wrong place. Hopefully, the pens are good……..because he has a lot of them.

According to this shopper, when she was asked what she wanted engraved on the spoons she ordered, she said, “Just the Kellogg logo.” She got exactly what she asked for.

Apparently, this company thinks everyone is a giant.