Video of Delivery Biker Using a Walker Restores Faith In Humanity

Just when you think that humanity has taken a deep dive down the toilet, a story comes along that restores your faith that there are still good people out there. Recently, a video of a delivery biker in Washington, DC, did just that. Kevin Ross had broken his foot after being hit by a car in September, putting him in the hospital for two weeks. Once the 44-year-old got out, he went right back to work delivering food for GrubHub and UberEats. Doctors instructed him not to place any weight on his injured foot, so he decided to use a walker — which he had to strap onto the front of his bike — when not pedaling. His work ethic impressed fellow delivery biker Joshua Taylor Cavallero, who posted a video of Ross of social media, encouraging users to donate to Ross's Cash App account. Amazingly, people donated a total of $2,400, and even sent messages of encouragement. Ross said that while he appreciates the money, it was the comments that people made that makes his temporary struggle worth his while.