The World’s Highest Ferris Wheel — 600 Feet — Is Being Built In South Korea

The world’s highest spokeless Ferris wheel is set to be built in South Korea. Standing nearly 600 feet, the Seoul Twin Eye, set on an impressive 131-foot-tall cultural complex, will dwarf the London Eye. The eye-catching attraction is slated to be built in Peace Park on the edge of the Han River next to the World Cup Stadium, providing views of the surrounding skyscrapers. Described as the first of its kind, it will operate as a spokeless Ferris wheel with two intersecting rings. Each ring carries pods that seamlessly revolve around inside and outside tracks. The ride will be able to accommodate more than 1,400 people in 64 capsules simultaneously, almost doubling the capacity of the 443-foot London Eye. There are also plans to build a monorail connecting the subway station to the Ferris wheel, as well as a zip line to add an extra experience for visitors. Construction is set to begin in 2025, with a completion date of 2028.