Pampered Italian Greyhound Boasts a $20,000 Designer Wardrobe

Meet Tika, the 12-year-old Italian Greyhound who enjoys getting dressed up in stylish outfits and attending exclusive fashion events all over the globe. Her owner, 32-year-old Thomas Shapiro, from Montreal, Canada, has equipped his pooch with $20,000 worth of custom-made clothing and accompanies her to fashion week events in Paris, New York and Milan. Tika currently has a wardrobe of 400 luxury items, and when she’s not sashaying down catwalks around the globe, she indulges in a tailored raw and fresh diet, with Thomas paying an average of $60 a week for her food. Many of Tika’s pieces have been gifted to her by sponsors and can range anywhere from $100 to $170 per item. Most dresses run between $170 and $510. Day to day, Tika wears more practical clothing and layers up in a onesie, overcoat, boots, and hat. Tika also has a sister named Kala, who Thomas enjoys dressing up as well. Not only are the pooches spoiled with endless designer garments, trips overseas and a tasty, varied diet, they’re also provided with a king-size bed to sleep in alongside their owner.