NFL’s Obsession With Taylor Swift At Games Is Getting Annoying

Former NFL running back Tiki Barber has claimed that the league’s “obsession” with Taylor Swift is getting annoying. Swift has attended around a dozen of boyfriend Travis Kelce's Chiefs games since the end of September, including Sunday's huge playoff win over the Buffalo Bills. The pop sensation’s mainstream popularity makes it hard for the cameras to stay off of her during games, even when the action on the field doesn’t involve Kelce. Cameras cutting to the hospitality suites to capture Swift’s reactions is beginning to annoy some viewers, including Barber, who wants the focus to be solely on the field. “He scores a touchdown and they pan immediately to Taylor Swift,” said Barber. The former Giants player said that Swift’s influence has made him annoyed with the Kansas City Chiefs. Some viewers who want Swift’s airtime to come to an end have said they will be rooting for the Ravens in Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Chiefs. “There’s a side of America that wants the Ravens to beat the Chiefs strictly because they’re tired of seeing Taylor Swift every 5 minutes during the game,” said one social media commenter, while another commented, “Taylor Swift is ruining football.” Regardless of which team you’re rooting for, most football fans are in agreement about one thing: Enough with Taylor Swift already.