Move Over, Smartwatches………Talking Shoes Are Coming!

Forget smartwatches — in just 5 years time, the next generation of teenagers could be dressed head-to-toe in AI-powered wearable tech. Connected clothing will mean shoes will be able to “talk” to each other and collate style from other feet on the street. With a 5G-enabled chip built inside them, the shoes will communicate with other people walking past. They will hold data on your individual style, your preferences, budget and lifestyle, and collect insight into what new looks shoppers are trying out. This, all according to scientist and leading futurist Andrew Grill. He has collaborated with technology companies on improved speed, longer battery life, and more places to connect. These insights will power a personal AI-style guide using the predictive power of platforms like ChatGPT, suggesting new looks, brands or designers for you to experiment with and products to try out. Say, for example, you see a piece of clothing that you like on a stranger on the street. You won’t need to go up and ask them where they got it — your device will find out for you. "It sounds far-fetched, but my job as a futurist is to have a look at things that are not too crazy.”