Meet the Jet-Setting Pug Who Has Traveled More Than Most People

The term “international jet setter” might not immediately evoke the image of a dog, but that exactly how to describe Kuma, the pug who has been on around 250 flights. The New York-based pooch is better traveled than most people, having become something of a travel influencer and attracting over 175,000 followers on social media. His antics are documented online by his proud owner, Sid Henderson, who travels frequently for his job in warehouse automation and brings Kuma with him on most trips. The pair fly from New York airports to destinations like Canada, France, South Korea, and Portugal. So, how does Henderson get his dog on the flights? Put simply, he’s very discreet. After allowing TSA to examine his carrier, he typically boards the plane and slips the small bag under his seat. For his part, Kuma uses the flying time to catch up on his sleep. In fact, fellow passengers have often commented that they didn’t even know the dog was onboard. Henderson said he limits flights to no more than 6 hours and always arrives at the airport in plenty of time to let Kuma run around and burn off his energy.