LG Announces Plans To Launch a New Transparent Television Set

South Korean electronics manufacturer LG has announced its plans to launch a fully transparent television set in what could be the next jump in TV technology. Billed as “the world’s first 4K, wireless, transparent OLED TV,” the LG signature OLED-T is built to stand in the middle of a room and look like a clear pane of glass when it’s not in use. When it’s turned on, viewers can either keep it see-through — like a window that’s playing a movie on it — or turn it opaque so the wall behind it is no longer visible. The idea is that the TV no longer has to dominate the room, it can be an object of design. The beauty of the transparent television set is that it has no cables to fuss with. LG’s wireless transmission box remains near the wall, beaming visuals and sound to the screen, so it can be moved freely. The company has not yet announced a price, but if the $87,000 price tag on its 65-inch wireless 8K OLED TV is anything to go by, it could easily be over $100,000.