Ice Cream-Flavored Mouthwashes: Oral Hygiene or a Sneaky Sweet Treat?

What if you could get your kids to brush their teeth without a fight? Well, now you can, thanks to SuperMouth’s ice cream-flavored toothpaste and mouthwash. SuperMouth is an oral hygiene company that is tailor-made for the unique oral health needs of children. Their toothpaste and mouthwash comes in four flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mint. They’re designed to make oral hygiene irresistibly fun for kids, while promoting a robust, healthy mouth. Whether your child is at low risk for dental issues or needs extra support due to dietary habits, the Hydroxamin-infused toothpaste is formulated to meet the needs of every child. The toothpaste includes a prebiotic to nourish beneficial mouth bacteria, a natural foaming agent for a gentle clean without dryness, and non-abrasive cleaners that provide effective cleaning without damaging enamel. At $14.99 for the toothpaste and $16.99 for the mouthwash, it’s not cheap by any means. However, compared to the cost of going to the dentist for expensive dental work, it might just be a better alternative.