Husky Escapes the Cage At a Pet Rescue and Tries To Break Out Other Dogs

A dog in an Arizona pet rescue made a daring escape from his kennel before attempting to liberate his pals, finding a snack, and leaving a local police officer to clean up the mess. The wacky series of events was captured on security cameras at Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe, Arizona. King, a Siberian Husky, escaped his kennel just after midnight and quickly set about trying to free his friends. Then he sniffed out a container full of kibble that was sitting atop a shelf, knocked it down, and proceeded to dig in. Founder and CEO Jodi Polanski said she only learned of King’s escape when the alarms at the shelter went off. A Tempe police officer showed up to check out the alarm, but quickly found out that King is a lover, not a fighter. After putting King back in his kennel and cleaning up the mess, the officer went back on patrol. The fact that he took the time to clean up the spilled dog food impressed Polanski, who said the officer, who didn't want any recognition, was amazing. Lost Our Home posted the video on Facebook, calling the interaction “the cutest arrest ever.”