Hasbro Has Released “Monopoly for Millennials”

Millennials have long been maligned for their inability to “adult” — from avoiding marriage to quitting their jobs to travel — and now there’s a game that’s been designed just for them. It’s called Monopoly for Millennials, and while it seems like a joke, it’s apparently real. Rather than buying real estate, the point of the new Hasbro game is to “enjoy experiences.” As the box says: “Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway.” Instead of buying railroads with fake money, you buy and trade the hottest destinations, which range from your friend's couch to a vegan bistro to a week-long meditation retreat using “experience points.” Players are encouraged to find new places to eat, shop, and relax and to become involved in community interactions via the Chance and Community Chest cards. As for the Millennials, they want to know when Hasbro is going to release a “Boomer Edition.”