Cape Cod In Manhattan — Rooftop Penthouse Hits the Market For $9.75 Million

You can buy a nice slice of Cape Cod right in the center of Manhattan for just under $10 million and become the owner of one of the quirkiest homes to hit the market. The luxury penthouse apartment in the East Village comes complete with a weather-beaten cottage perched on the roof. Sculptor Henry Merwin Shrady renovated the property after buying it in 1980 and added the now iconic annex with bay windows, a 12-foot-high ceiling, and a secluded landscaped terrace offering the shade of an apple tree. Should its new owners tire of the fisherman’s fantasy, they can always retreat downstairs to the luxury penthouse below, featuring 4 bedrooms, 3½ baths, and an artist’s studio. The penthouse, originally built in 1868, used to be part of the Minthorne Farm — a 50-acre plot sold to Philip Minthorne by the Dutch East India Company in the 18th century when they controlled the city then known as New Amsterdam. Now the home has a gas-burning limestone fireplace, an open kitchen, and a living room with large parquet tiles that originally graced a London theater. The 3,000-square-foot property at 72 East 1st Street features 18-foot-tall ceilings, 2 wood-burning fireplaces, and 22 windows that provide a panoramic view of Lower Manhattan.