Anonymous Walmart Employee Reveals When You Can Find the Best Deals Each Week

An anonymous Walmart employee has revealed how to get the best weekly deals at the retail store. According to the worker, Walmart customers should pay attention to items that are on sale and go into the stores on Tuesdays. Serious deals emerge every Tuesday, when the aisles transform into bargain goldmines. However, shoppers need to examine each sale item before purchasing them. That’s because not all deals are created equal. Make sure to compare supposed sales prices against previous pricing and competitor retailers to ensure you’re actually getting the best deal. Flash sales are a big special at Walmart and can offer up to 65% off on products in-store and online. These sales only last for a week, so customers must act fast. Yellow stickers ending in “5” or “0” are Walmart’s deepest discounts. Besides sales, the employee suggested the shoppers avoid weekend and evening shopping and use the Scan & Go feature on the store app. They can then breeze straight through the exit when finished, rather than waiting to check out.