America’s Most Unique Airbnbs — From a Lighthouse In Alaska To a Cave In Arizona

Airbnb changed the vacation game when they emerged 15 years ago, and now ambitious hosts are getting creative with their properties to appeal to vacationers seeking unique experiences. From a secluded lighthouse on an Alaskan island to a sprawling 3,000-square-foot home inside a cave in Arizona, home owners are pushing the boundaries to get listed as “super hosts.” There are even specific categories for earth homes, hobbit-style properties, windmills, shepherd’s huts, barns and towers, and caves to cater to specific demands of tourists. Here are just a few of the places that are available to rent.


ALASKA: For $900 a night, you can stay in The Lighthouse on a one-acre private island in Sitka, Alaska.

ARIZONA: For $1,620 a night, you can stay at Canyon Cavehouse, a 3,000-square-foot home sitting at an altitude of 5,300 feet.

NEW YORK: For $1,790 a night, you can stay at The Highlands Castle in Bolton, NY. The sunning castle sleeps up to 8 people.

OREGON: For a mere $250 a night, you can stay in The Tower in Tiller, Oregon. Surrounded by the Umpqua National Forest, the private and stunning tower grants guests true peace and relaxation.

CALIFORNIA: For $650 a night, you can stay at The Pinecone Treehouse in Santa Cruz, Calif. The shiny golden structure is perched 35 feet in the air, with only a narrow wooden ladder leading up to the single-room house.