Americans Go Wild For British “Jacket Potatoes”

Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods, and a piping hot jacket potato is the new food obsession. A jacket potato is a baked potato topped with fillings and condiments. What makes jacket potatoes so special is the super crispy, flavorful skin that surrounds the fluffy a brown jacket. The trick to achieving that crispness is in the cooking method. Using a sharp knife, cut a cross shape into the potatoes. The cuts should run almost the entire length and width of the potato and should be about ¼ inch deep. Cutting into the potato this way will help the inside steam and will keep the skin from splitting as it cooks. Then, place the potatoes right on the top oven rack — no need for a baking sheet. This will blast the potatoes with hot air, cooking them perfectly. Don’t worry about things like olive oil or salt, and there’s no need to wrap the potatoes in foil — that will steam them and result in a less crispy skin. All you need is high heat and time. Preheat your oven to 400ºF and cook them for approximately 2 hours. That sounds like a long time, but it will give you the best results. Here’s where your creativity comes in — you can choose whatever toppings you prefer. Typical toppings include chili, sour cream and chives, bacon bits, chopped green onion, chorizo, salsa, corn, and a ton of cheese. Of course, if you’re British, you’ll want to throw on some baked beans.