Why This $20 Bill Sold For Nearly 20,000 Times Its Value

We would all like for our money to make us even more money, and sometimes it can. Some state quarters, for example, may be worth hundreds of dollars to collectors. Certain pennies and nickels can even bring in a few bucks. However, in some cases, there’s a banknote or coin that sells at auction for far more than its printed worth — sometimes thousands more. Take, for example, the case of the $20 bill that made its way into the hands of a college student in Ohio. The unidentified student went to an ATM in 2004 to withdraw some cash and received what looked like a normal $20, with exception of one thing: It had a Del Monte banana sticker plastered next to President Andrew Jackson’s face. The student turned around and sold the bill on eBay, and after 12 bids walked away with a cool $10,000. Some believe the sticker was intentionally placed on the bill by an employee at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s Fort Worth facility. Regardless of how it got there, what made it valuable is the fact that the serial number and Treasury seal both appear over the sticker. The note quickly became sought after by collectors, and hit the auction block in 2006, where it sold for $25,300. In 2021, the $20 note was auctioned again, but this time it sold for much, much more……..$396,000 to be exact. There were nearly 50 bids for it and the record-breaking sale made the $20 bill the most valuable error banknote ever sold.