This Trick Will Keep Your Lettuce Fresh For 10 Days

Simple Savers Facebook group has tips and hints to make your household chores just a little bit easier. Recently, someone posted a great tip about how to keep lettuce fresher longer. Simply wrap the head of lettuce in aluminum foil to stop it from spoiling. The woman went on to explain that foil-wrapped lettuce can remain fresh in the refrigerator for up to 10 days, saving food waste and cutting down on grocery bills. The foil protects food from airborne bacteria and fungi spores, helping retain moisture so the food doesn’t dry out as quickly. It also works well with food in the freezer, as it’s more airtight around the food. Others said they have used foil for produce like celery, cucumber, and spring onions, recommending using a paper towel inside the foil to absorb even more moisture. One user also added the tip to place strawberries in an airtight glass jar, which keeps them fresh for weeks.