This Is the Easiest Way to Make Your Home Smell Incredible

How many times have you walked into your house from outside, only to be met with the odor of last night’s dinner, or worse? If you’re not one who enjoys throwing money away on spray air fresheners or scented candles, there’s a cheaper way to make your house smell good for much longer. The first thing you need is some felt pads — the kind that have the adhesive backing that allows you to stick them to chair legs to prevent scratching your floors. Next, you’ll need McCormick pure vanilla extract. The best thing to do is make several “pads” at one time. Pour a little vanilla extract on each pad and let them sit until the pads absorb all the extract. Unlike other air fresheners, the pads are sticky, so you can hide them anywhere. This technique is sustainable, too, since you won’t need to buy new pads very often. You can also try essential oils. They will likely last long, as oil isn’t going to evaporate the way an alcohol-based extract would.