Self-Confessed Nomad Lives Alone On a Remote Island In Canada

Amanda, who doesn’t want to reveal her last name, has taken to social media to share how she’s been living alone on a remote island in British Columbia for the past two years, after landing a job as its caretaker. Her only company is her dog Peaches and the local wildlife, which includes, cougars, wolves, lots of deer, and humpback whales. Another frightening aspect of living alone on the island is the bear population, so she always carries bear spray in case of a close encounter. Amanda said she got burned out after living in downtown Vancouver, and in a bid to escape city life bought a 28-foot boat. She lived on her sailboat for about 10 years, but when she saw the advertisement for a caretaker, she decided to return to land. She now lives in a small cabin on the island, which has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. There’s a boat on the island so she can get to town for doctor appointments and grocery runs. To supplement her income, she works as a freelance web designer. The island has satellite Internet so she can connect with the outside world. Some of her chores include chopping firewood, mowing the grass, and taking care of the greenhouse. Since the island is protected, Amanda isn't allowed to cut down trees, so she either chops up trees that have already fallen or she finds pieces of wood that wash ashore with the tide. Thanks to the addition of solar panels, the island is almost completely self sufficient. There is a well that provides drinking water, and some vegetables can be grown in the greenhouse. During the darker months, there are four generators to keep everything running. Looking ahead, Amanda says she sees herself staying on the island for a long time to come.