McDonald’s Restaurant in the Middle of Nowhere Sparks Conspiracy Theories

A McDonald’s restaurant that opened just a week ago has already gone viral on social media because of its unusual location — in rural Quebec, Canada, surrounded by farmland. McDonald’s is one of the world’s most recognized brands, and one of the ways it built this reputation was by opening restaurants in busy areas that all but guarantee a certain number of potential customers. However, the new location has been drawing attention for not only being out in the middle of nowhere, but also by not even being connected to the power grid, instead functioning with the use of a generator. Conspiracy theories abound, but the most believable one is that McDonald’s agreed to sell its franchise there because it knows something everybody else doesn’t — like maybe the surrounding land is about to be sold to developers, which means a ton of new houses will be going up. It would make sense, especially because if McDonald’s got in before the price of land blew up, they could save a pretty penny. It’s unclear whether that theory is true, and McDonald’s Canada has yet to comment on the unusual location of its latest franchise.