Las Vegas Weddings Could Hit a New Record On New Year’s Eve, Thanks To the Date’s Pattern

For better or for worse, a wave of couples saying “I do” in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve could set a record for the city’s busiest wedding day ever. That’s because 12/31/23 is known in the massive Las Vegas wedding industry as a “specialty date,” thanks to the repeating 1-2-3-1-2-3 pattern. The icing on the cake? This specialty date falls on a holiday famous for blowout celebrations. The number to beat on New Year’s Eve is 4,492 — the single-day record for marriages in Las Vegas set on 07/07/2007. The second most popular specialty wedding date on record is 11/11/2011, when 3,125 couples tied the knot. Typically, New Year’s Eve draws somewhere between 450 and 550 couples who wed in Las Vegas.