“Warmlines” Provide Listeners For People Who Need To Talk But Don’t Have An Emergency Requiring a Crisis Hotline

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone about your mental health. It’s great when you can reach out to a friend or loved one, but that’s not always possible. Fortunately, that’s where the “warmlines” come in. A warmline is a phone number you call to have a conversation with someone who can provide support during hard times. Whether you’re in crisis or just need someone to talk to, a warmline can help. Warmlines are staffed by trained peers who have been through their own mental struggles and know what it’s like to need help. Warmlines are free and confidential. They’re different from crisis lines or hotlines like the National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, which are more focused on keeping you safe in the moment and getting you connected to crisis resources as quickly as possible. Most states have warmlines, and it’s a good idea to call one in your state or in another state nearby. If there’s no warmline in your state, or if you feel uncomfortable calling a local line, many warmlines will accept calls from anywhere in the country. While most are available 24/7, some are open only on certain days and times. Some warmlines have limits on the amount of time you can talk — like limiting conversations to an hour — while others have unlimited time and don’t stop the conversation until you’re ready. The website warmline.org keeps an up-to-date list of local and nationwide warmlines across the United States.