The Strange Way a Couple Got Free Wi-Fi For 18 Years

In 2020, a Swiss startup called Twifi offered free Wi-Fi for 18 years to anyone who named their child after the company. A son would be Twifus and a daughter Twifia. Spotting the ad on Facebook, one couple decided to take the company up on their offer. All they had to do was upload a photo of their daughter’s birth certificate and claim their free Wi-Fi. The couple did, however, make it a little easier on their newborn by giving her the moniker as a middle name. They decided to take the money they would save by not having to pay for Wi-Fi and place it in a savings account for Twifia to buy her first car when she turns 18. While the father was onboard from the start, the mother took a little longer to warm up to the name, but she has grown to love it. The couple decided to remain anonymous because they felt somewhat embarrassed about their choice of the name. Philippe Fotsch, the CEO of Twifi, has assured the couple that even if his company doesn’t succeed, he will continue to pay for their Wi-Fi service. “It’s a matter of honor,” he said.