The Police Blotter That Could Easily Be a Comedy Sketch

The tiny town of Atherton, California, is known for its wealth, but not particularly its common sense. The Atherton Police Department is staffed with 23 officers who patrol the town of approximately 6,000 residents. Although crime is relatively low-level, the department has received some of the strangest calls from its residents. While we’re not poking fun at the police department or the town, after reading the following list, you’ll likely be amused by the best of the town’s police blotter. 

  • • A man was reported to be sitting down and talking to himself. Police made contact and confirmed he was using a cellphone. 
  • • A pedestrian was reported after midnight wearing black pants and a white dress shirt. 
  • • A resident called police to report that someone had tipped over his recycling containers. 
  • • Police responding to reports of a suspicious person hollering “ho-ho-ho” on Christmas Eve encountered a man in a Santa costume who makes a habit of going up and down the street greeting his neighbors every year. 
  • • A person seen walking at midday for two days in a row was contacted and determined to be using lunch breaks to get some exercise. 
  • • A banana, chocolate and whipping cream were found on a vehicle. 
  • • A family reported being followed by a duck who resides on Tuscaloosa Avenue. 
  • • A resident reported a large light in the sky. It was the moon.