The Phenomenon of “Twin Movies”

Remember when Finding Nemo and Shark Tale were released around the same time? It’s not the first time two movies with similar themes have come out around the same time. A movie called Pet Graveyard launched on DVD and digital just days before Stephen King’s Pet Sematary remake hit theaters. The phenomenon of “twin movies” is somewhat common. While sometimes the release of two similar films is just a coincidence, there are times when one film will piggyback off a competitor’s potentially successful project. Additionally, studios may have similar projects in development at the same time and may choose to release them close to one another to take advantage of audience interest. Here are some of the known twin movies that came out months apart in theaters. 

  • 1993/1994: Tombstone and Wyatt Earp 
  • 1997: Dante’s Peak and Volcano 
  • 1998: Antz and A Bugs Life 
  • 1999: The Truman Show and EDtv 
  • 2004: Chasing Liberty and First Daughter 
  • 2006: Madagascar and The Wild 
  • 2007: Happy Feet and Surf’s Up 
  • 2011: The Fighter and Warrior 
  • 2013: White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen