Special Toothpaste Could End Severe Peanut Reactions for People With Allergies

For years, doctors have treated allergies by introducing small amounts of the dangerous allergen over a period of time, which desensitizes patients to keep them safe. Now, a special toothpaste may soon be saving people with peanut allergies from having severe reactions. The proposed product would contain tiny amounts of the nut to build a patient’s immunity over time. Every participant in the first clinical trial tolerated the highest dose of the peanut toothpaste without any moderate or severe systemic reactions. Some experienced a little itching in the mouth, but it was mild and transient, similar to that which occurs at the injection site when doctors give shots. Due to its targeted delivery and simple administration, it can desensitize patients to peanuts without requiring dozens of visits to a clinic over a period of years. Researchers noted that 100% of those in the clinical trial consistently tolerated the highest dose over a 48-week period. There’s no word yet on when it might be ready for real-world patients, as more and larger clinical trials are needed.