How Workers Used a Unique Method of Containing a Thief Until Police Arrived

According to the employees of Arlington Auto Wrecking in Akron, Ohio, theft and break-ins are a common problem at the auto junkyard, something they were sick and tired of. So, when workers recently noticed that a man had broken into one of the vehicles, they decided to get creative. Using a forklift, the employees lifted the car in the air, suspending the vehicle and the would-be thief roughly 20 feet above the ground. It was there that the man stayed until police arrived to arrest him. After being arrested for criminal trespassing and possessing criminal tools, the 26-year-old suspect admitted to police that he had brought a Sawzall cutting tool and blades, along with several other hand tools, in order to steal copper from the junkyard’s cars. The suspect already had a warrant out for his arrest, thanks to a standing disorderly conduct charge. Along with the 911 dispatcher, police found the employees’ idea to be not only ingenious, but amusing as well.