Furious Oreo Fans Accuse Company of Scrimping On Creme Filling

Outraged Oreo fans claim to have discovered the latest shrinkflation scandal and are accusing the company of sneakily reducing the amount of creme in each cookie. Shrinkflation has haunted the U.S. for years, and now Oreos has become the latest in a string of products, including potato chips, toothpaste, and even toilet paper rolls, that have been slowly shrinking in size. One woman on social media even held up three Oreo Double Stuf cookies, charging that the filling in them is what the regular cookies used to look like. Mondelez, the company behind Oreos, denies reducing the amount of creme in their cookies, with one expert blaming potential irregularities at individual factories. Fans, however, are not convinced. Some consumers say they have even started their own forensic investigations, pointing out that a family pack of Double Stuf Oreos used to weigh 566 grams, while the newer package only weighs 530 grams. Oreos isn’t the only product that’s downsizing their product. Take a gander at the other things that are shrinking.