Beware That Email From Amazon

While people are excited about the upcoming holiday season, scammers are even more excited. As Amazon gears up for its Black Friday sale and subsequent holiday spending, it is warning customers to be extra alert to scams. The first scam is referred to as an email attachment scheme. It involves emails from a scammer pretending to be an Amazon sales representative and warning that your account is soon to be suspended if you don’t take action. Included in those emails are attachments that they’re hoping you’ll click on. If you do, you will be redirected to a fake website that the scammers will use to capture your login information. Another scam involving Amazon has scammers calling, texting or emailing Prime members to suggest that they will need to confirm details to rectify some issue with their account, such as an incorrect order or an account fee. Of course, entering into the holiday season, one of the biggest scams is to require that you only use a gift card to pay for your order. Amazon warns that no legitimate transaction is going to require you to use gift cards. The best thing you can do if you suspect whether an email you receive from Amazon is legitimate is to go to their website and obtain the number for customer service and then call them directly. Never click on an attachment, a link, or call a number provided in an email.