Bargain Hunters Shopping On Chinese Websites Find Out They Have a “Small” Problem

Disgruntled shoppers are sharing photographs that show the pitfalls of online buying, like accidentally ordering mini-versions of certain household items instead of their normal-sized counterparts. The items left their respective bargain hunters markedly unsatisfied and show the massive gulf between what’s pictured online and what’s actually shipped to the buyer. The minuscule household items — from a pint-sized rice cooker that doesn’t actually cook to coat hangers that could easily fit in your pocket — show the dangers of not reading the small print. Unfortunately, those who seek refunds are met with the stark reality of sellers who refuse, saying the buyer received what they ordered. Others, who have received refunds, are warning other shoppers to make sure they read all the information on the advertisement to make sure they’re ordering full-sized products. Some customers say it’s only $1, $2 or maybe $3, but the companies who sell these diminutive products are selling hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of these items over time, and that adds up to a nice chunk of change.
Tiny drawer knobs

Miniature Rice Cooker

Pint-sized Coat Hangers