Wrong House, Right Mistake

When Cal and Claire Hunter paid €10,000 ($12,178) for the wrong property after a lot number mix-up 4 years ago, they decided to keep it and renovate it themselves. Cal, then 26, was tasked with putting a bid on a home in Glasgow, Scotland, but accidentally bid on the wrong unit, leaving the couple with an uninhabitable property. They now faced a daunting list of problems on the property, which had been empty for more than 30 years. The foundations needed to be repaired, a new roof needed to be installed, masonry above a bay window had collapsed, and all the timber work inside the 19th century building was rotten. The couple ignored the advice of experts to demolish the house, instead deciding to bring it back to life. Despite never having renovated a house before and with just €10,000 ($12,178) in the bank, they decided to live in a travel trailer on the grounds while they began clearing the huge amount of debris and making the structure secure by raising the roof. Now, some 4 years later, inspectors have signed off on the house and the couple can finally move in their new home.