When a Woman Visits Her Doctor For Extreme Sadness, He Writes the Most Unusual Prescription

Robin Sipe was so sad after the loss of her cat that she felt herself slipping into a deep depression. That’s when she decided it was time to see her physician, Dr. Earl King at Sentara RMH Medical Center in Harrisonburg, Va. What Sipe didn’t expect was the unusual prescription Dr. King gave her. “I recommended that she proceed to get a new cat, and I actually wrote her a prescription to get a cat,” said King. He explained that cats and dogs are important for patients for comfort, for touch, for well-being of their cardiovascular health, and for their lung health. Following doctor’s orders, Sipe found a 3-legged kitten while out picking up some produce at a farm and she brought the tiny cat home. She named the kitten Earline in honor of Dr. King. “He was compassionate, he was caring, he went the extra mile for me,” said Sipe. While Dr. King has treated Sipe for lung problems in the past, he acknowledged that her latest health issue required “a rather different solution.” Sipe and Earline are now happy and providing comfort for one another.