The Woman With the Longest Legs In the World

Ekaterina Lisina holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest legs in the world among women. Her left leg measures 52.3 inches, while the right one is an even 52 inches long. The model, who stands 6’9”, realized at an early age that her height could be one of her biggest assets. With a successful career in basketball, where height is of the essence, the young Russian’s foresight allowed her to find favor in both sports and modeling early on. The 36-year-old owes it all to her family’s genetics, as not a single member of her family clocks in under 6 feet. In addition to her 6’6” brother, 6’5” father, and 6’1” mother, Lisina’s son is already much taller than his peers and he hasn’t even reached puberty. Lisina holds yet another Guinness World Record directly attributed to her long-legged genetics. Her 6’9” height officially makes her the world’s tallest model. In addition, she has the biggest female foot size in all of Russia — a whopping size 13. When she was just 16, and already 6’6”, she played professional basketball, and in 2006 she was part of the silver medal team at the World Cup in Germany. Today, she’s focusing on her modeling career and raising her family.