Taco Bell Responds to Hoax by Airlifting 10,000 Tacos to Alaska

In 2012, feuding pranksters papered the town of Bethel, Alaska, with flyers and banners advertising the arrival of Taco Bell — what would have been a milestone for residents, given the fact that the only fast-food restaurant in town was a Subway. Police say the flyers advertising the new restaurant opening included the phone number of the rival pranksters as the intended target in the elaborate hoax. What began as a feud between two groups of pranksters morphed into a full-fledged PR marketing opportunity, when Taco Bell deployed a helicopter from Anchorage to airlift in a truck full of tacos to Bethel — population 6,200. Throngs of residents watched from the sidelines as a full-sized truck harnessed to a chopper was dropped gently into a community center parking lot. As soon as the all-clear was given, thousands of people rushed the truck and gorged on the chain’s wildly popular Doritos Locos Tacos.