Quirky Flintstones House For Sale

A historic home dubbed the “Flintstones House” for its resemblance to the dwelling belonging to the famed cartoon family has hit the market for $400,000. The cave-like abode, built in 1970, is situated just northeast of Cleveland in Painesville, Ohio. The asking price for the 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home is $400,000. At a distance, the home’s facade could be mistaken for an unusually shaped rock formation protruding out of the landscape, but it was actually constructed of concrete and spray foam, undergirded with an internal metal framework. Across the yard of the one-acre property stand abstract sculptural elements that echo the organic curvatures of the home, as well as a realistic brontosaurus statue perched in the bushes. Inside, the texture of the walls and flooring throughout the home was crafted to resemble that of a cave dwelling. The children’s wing of the home — which encompasses 4 bedrooms and a playroom — is connected by narrow tunnels through which occupants must get on their hands and knees to traverse. The living room sports a sunken pit that’s lined with seating carved directly out of the faux stone foundation and is flanked by a fireplace. Just steps away, a guest house makes for a scaled-down counterpart of the cavernous main home. It remains to be seen whether there’s a Flintstones fan or someone with eclectic taste that will snap up the unusual home.