New York City Buildings With Their Own Zip Codes

There are 43 buildings in Manhattan that have their own exclusive zip codes. Skyscrapers get their own zip codes either because of their sheer size, or due to the number of people occupying them. When the original World Trade Center opened in 1973, it was granted the privilege of a single and exclusive zip code: 10048. However, the new 1 World Trade Center will share a zip code with the buildings around it. There seems to be a trend between buildings with their own zip codes and the amount of money they generate. For example, people in the Seagram Building — a building with its own zip code — have the highest average adjusted gross income ($13.9 million) in the country. Studies also show that out of the country’s 20 top wealthiest zip codes, 11 of them are in New York City, including the General Motors Building on Fifth Avenue and the Bear Stearns office on Madison Avenue. Many of these skyscrapers have both corporate offices and residential units in them.