Hilarious Questions Parents Were Asked As Their Children Headed Off to College

Parents are sharing the hilarious — and somewhat embarrassing — questions that their kids asked them after they ventured off to college. Clips on social media inspired thousands of moms and dads to take to the comment section to share some amusing messages that they’ve received from their children after they started living on their own for the first time. It turns out that many kids didn’t know basic things like how to use a washing machine or what their shoe size was. Here are some of the hilarious questions the parents received. 

  • * When does my Social Security number expire? 
  • * How do I take the clothes out of the washing machine? Do I just reach in there with my hands? 
  • * Can I use a Christmas stamp to mail something in July? 
  • * Which goes on first, the shampoo or the conditioner? 
  • * Do I need to make an appointment to take something to the dry cleaners? 
  • * Is Italian an accent or a language? 
  • * Can you get lung cancer from eating smoked turkey? 
  • * How big is a 12-inch pizza? 
  • * What time is noon? 
  • * How can I tell when water is boiling? 
  • * How can I find out what my shoe size is? 
  • * What is my surname? 
  • * Do I need my passport to travel to another state?