Furry Fright Night: Sinister Pets Scare the Daylights Out of Their Owners Just In Time For Halloween

When Halloween rolls around, we expect to see little ghosts and goblins show up at our door in search of sugary treats. Then there are the scary movies that are popular on the scariest night of the year, and who doesn't love those? Generally, though, pets bring happiness and solace into our lives. Yet, it seems that on Halloween some of them can transform themselves into agents of macabre mischief. Social media is filled with eerie photos from around the world, featuring pets caught giving their owners the heebie jeebies. Whether it’s a spirited ambush or an innocent game gone wrong, these pictures are bound to make you laugh.


Eye-eye! A late night encounter between two felines gave an owner a scare when just the eyes of the visiting cat were visible.

This ginger cat has superb balance, but would freak out anyone who spotted it.

In one concerning photograph, a formidable crow has been snapped holding a very large knife in its beak.

One pet owner received quite the scare when their dog jumped onto the bed with a fork in its mouth.

A black cat looks like a ghostly apparition after falling into a bowl of flour that was intended for baking.

A hamster has fallen asleep in a scary position here, with it's mouth firmly gripping the hamster wheel.