Fancy Overnight Buses in Japan Feature Private Sleep Pods

Taking the bus isn’t what most people imagine when thinking of a comfortable way to travel, and for many that mode of transportation is even less likely to come to mind for overnight travel. In Japan, there’s an amazing bus service that offers more personal space than you’re likely to have in the economy section of an airplane. Tokyo-based Willer Express is one of those bus services, and has earned the reputation for having some of the nicest buses around. There’s one thing Willer Express offers that many overnight bus services don’t: a personal sleep pod. In addition to power reclining and footrest functions, there’s a table that folds out of the seat in front of you, an electrical outlet to keep your electronic devices charged up, and a drink holder mounted to the wall of the pod. The real beauty of the pod is that it fully reclines into a bed, so you can sleep your way from Tokyo to Kyoto. Fares start at ¥11,000 ($73), which is ¥2,320 ($15) cheaper than taking the bullet train.