Dog Expert Reveals How Long You Can Really Leave Your Dog Home Alone

Lorna Winter, dog trainer and co-founder of puppy training app Zigzag, says there are two things you need to consider before leaving your dog home alone for too long: the dog's age and breed. Some breeds are more prone to separation anxiety than others, including Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, and Australian Shepherds. Of course, puppies are not pre-programmed to cope with being on their own and will likely lose their cool after just 2 hours. Regardless of what the age, after 4 hours most dogs need to go outside. Dogs who have proven to be well-suited to being left alone are those who are typically reserved and have a self-reliant nature. Those dogs include Chow Chows, Greyhounds, Pugs and Beagles. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you to know just how long you can trust your dog to be home alone without leaving you a "gift."