CVS Comes Up With Ingenious Plan To Battle Out-of-Control Shoplifting

A CVS pharmacy in Washington, DC, has been forced to replace most of its stock with photographs in an attempt to combat rampant shoplifting. Framed images of items such as toilet paper and paper towels stand in place of the real things, while customers have to press a button to request staff to bring the products out of storage. The pharmacy’s unusual move comes just weeks after a CVS store in DC was ransacked by up to 50 teenage looters, who routinely attack the store and pillage the shelves. Amid the shoplifting crisis, CVS has joined rival drugstore chains Rite Aid and Walgreens in closing over 1,500 stores in the coming months. The National Retail Federation says shoplifting is costing the industry $112 billion a year. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, Spain, MacBooks can be found sitting in stacks out in the open. There’s clearly something other countries are doing that America needs to emulate. 

MacBooks sit out in the open in an electronics store in Barcelona, Spain