Companies Are Posting “Ghost Jobs”

Ghosting isn’t just happening on dating apps anymore. If you've been hammering out applications and haven’t heard anything back, it could be more than just others with better resumes and interview skills. You could be applying for "ghost jobs" — a growing trend that legitimate companies are using for a variety of reasons. Ghost job postings are exactly what they sound like: Listings on a company’s website for certain positions, when the company isn’t actually hiring. Many companies post ghost jobs to make their company look more successful than it really is, while others do it to maintain a pool of applicants they can hire when needed, even if that opening is nowhere in the near future. Then there are other companies who use ghost ads as a way of motivating current employees because it gives them the impression they could be let go at any time. So, what do jobseekers do to avoid ghost ads? First, read the fine print on the job application. Look for how long the job has been open and for details of the job description. Ghost jobs tend to be vague when it comes to the responsibilities of the job. Research companies to see if they’ve had a recent layoff. If so, hiring new employees won’t be a top priority. Ghost jobs might be a growing and frustrating trend, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to the indefinite waiting game. Make sure you’re applying for the real thing by taking a little more time to read the fine print, it’s time consuming but worth it.