British Drivers Get Creative In Preventing Foxes From Eating Their Cars

There’s something weird going on with the wildlife on the British Isles — foxes are eating the cars. No, it’s not a joke. Foxes in southern England have apparently developed a taste for automobiles, devouring their vital components. They seem to have a particular fondness for brake lines, but any kind of wire seem to make for a yummy snack. The damage hasn’t just cost UK drivers thousands in repair bills, the foxes have also caused dangerous accidents when people have taken to the roads without realizing their brake lines no longer work. To deter the ravenous critters, motorists have tried all kinds of techniques, some conventional and some outlandish. Yet, it seems that the most effective prevention is wrapping cars in chicken wire. Drivers agree that it’s a hassle to constantly put the wire on and take the wire off — not to mention the potential for scratches to the paint — but it’s better than having to pay to have their brake lines repaired or replaced. Officials say the reason the foxes are feasting on autos is because most of the insulation materials were changed from petroleum-based materials to soy-derived substances about 15 years ago. In addition, England’s woodlands are disappearing, driving foxes and other woodland animals into the cities.