A Man Terrified of Women Has Been Living in Isolation for 55 Years

African Callitxe Nzamwita has been living in an isolated house surrounded by a 15-foot fence for over half a century because being close to women terrifies him. The 71-year-old was only 16 when he decided his fear of women was too much to bear. He couldn’t stand being around members of the opposite sex, let alone talking to them, so he built a wooden fence around his modest home and hasn’t stepped outside the property since. Instead of shunning him, the women of the village have always looked after him, throwing all sorts of things, like food and clothes, into his locked yard. Although he never opens the door for them, he does use the things they give him. The women, for their part, never try to push Nzamwita to interact with them, which is likely why he's willing to accept their gifts. Although Nzamwita has never actually been diagnosed, he is believed to be suffering from gynophobia, an extremely rare condition described as “morbid and irrational fear of women.”