A British Man With $1 in His Bank Account Wakes up to Find Nearly $150,000 There the Next Day

Urslaan Khan was shocked to wake up and find that $149,245 was sitting in his bank account. The 41-year-old from London said he had set up a standing order to transfer $250 from his checking account into his savings account. However, he didn’t have the cash in his checking account to be transferred, so he went on to check his account and discovered the transfer had actually been made. That's when he saw his balance: $149,245. Upon discovering the money, Khan immediately reported it to Gatehouse Bank, thinking they would then withdraw the money from his account and he would be back to having $1 in the bank. Instead, the bank told him he would be allowed to keep the money. As you might imagine, it wasn’t long before he received a call from the bank saying they realized their mistake and asked him to return the money. Khan said he believed the money was intended for another customer who has at least two accounts with the bank. The money should have been taken out of one account and placed in the other, but somewhere along the line it wound up in Khan’s account. People are wondering if the person to whom the money really belonged will reward Khan for his honesty. That remains to be seen.