Starbucks Dome Lids Are Infuriating Baristas and Embarrassing Customers

Starbucks baristas and customers alike are complaining about dome lids that don't fit the coffee chain’s drinks, contributing to spills, delays in service, and overall aggravation. In May, newly minted CEO Laxman Narasimhan said the company needed to cut the number of drinks that necessitate the lid, pointing out that there are currently 1,500 cup-and-lid combinations. Baristas are complaining about how difficult the dome lids are to put on the cups, as well as their inability to keep the customers’ drinks looking pretty. “I could make a perfect spiral of whipped cream on top with a pretty drizzle over it, then have it be completely ruined by the upcoming battle I have with getting the dome lid to close onto the cup,” said one barista. Customers, on the other hand, have a different complaint. They say they feel humiliated by the cups with dome lids, calling them childish — like a toddler’s sippy cup — and saying they’re embarrassed to be seen in public with the lids. Whether the new head honcho will take notice of the complaints coming from both employees and customers remains to be seen.