People Can’t Get Enough of the Adorable Cat Who Lives and Works at Home Depot

Home Depot is the go-to place for advice on how to fix up your home or start a garden, but there’s one store that exceeds all customer expectations, thanks to an exceptional employee. Meet Leo — the most adorable Home Depot employee, who just happens to be a cat. The skilled mouse hunter quickly became a local sensation and an Internet darling, thanks to his fashion sense and top-tier professionalism in customer care. Leo went to live at the Home Depot store in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, when the staff noticed they had a rodent problem. They adopted Leo from a local shelter in hopes that he would give them a helping hand……or paw. Soon, the tabby proved that he was a reliable employee who put 100% effort into his work. Not only does he catch pesky rodents, he also takes care of them, saving staff and customers from having to witness any remains. It wasn’t long before Leo caught the attention of customers, who would spend more time petting him than looking for light bulbs or paint. Some even thought they were doing him a favor by undressing Leo, thinking they were helping the chubby cat beat the heat. That prompted the staff to put up a sign that reads: “Please do not take Leo’s shirt off. He's not hot.” Leo’s vet tended to a scratch he had on his skin and recommended that he be covered while doing his “job” to prevent further scratches. As for Leo’s pay, he has everything a cat would need……from a fancy cat tree to quality food and plenty of cuddles from folks who love him.