Man Identifies as a 28-Year-Old, Despite Being Born 39 Years Ago

In the age of self-identified diversity, where people are free to identify as anything they want, a Japanese man identified only as Jackie has come out as “trans-age,” meaning that he chooses to identify as a 28-year-old, despite the fact that he was born 39 years ago. Apparently, he settled on this particular age because it strikes a good balance between being an adult and still having an immature side, without attracting the judgment of others. Jackie says that what inspired him to drop his age a few years was an interaction he had with his boss at work. During the exchange, his boss asked, “How can you not know how to do this at your age?” The comment made him feel bad, so he decided to adopt an age he feels more comfortable with. Although many mocked the idea of choosing your own age, some believe that the concept eliminates various restrictions and can make life more fun if you can virtually go back to being younger. Apparently, you can change whatever you want in this “anything goes” age.